Daniel Mason

Dan Mason graduated from Capital University Law School in May of 1991, Magna Cum Laude and fifth in his class of 185, scoring in the 100th percentile of the Ohio state bar examination.  Dan has over two decades of litigation experience in Ohio’s state and federal courts, both at the trial and appellate level.  Dan has won cases in the Ohio Supreme Court and the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, involving wrongful deathFN and child sex abuseFN, as well as other serious mattersFN.

Dan has successfully represented clients in civil and criminal cases in state and federal court, as well as matters before administrative bodies such as the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, Ohio Civil Rights Commission, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Labor, Civil Service Commission, Ohio Bureau of Employment Services, and others.  He has represented corporations, small businesses, and sole proprietors. Besides experience representing private persons and entities, he has experience representing public bodies, including school boards, cities, townships, and villages.

Dan has a vast array of experience and skills that will likely be optimal for the representation of a wide variety of clients.  He promises experience, skill, hard work, dedication, and trust.

FN Moore v. Lorain Metro. Hous. Auth., 121 Ohio St.3d 455 (2009)
FN Doe v. First United Methodist Church, 68 Ohio St. 3d 531 (1994)
FN Cuevas v. LMHA, 1995 U.S. App. LEXIS 20849 (1995); Sargi v. Kent City Bd. of Educ., 70 F.3d 907 (6th Cir. 1995);
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Erin Poplar

Erin Poplar has been practicing law very actively in northern and central Ohio for the past 15 years. Erin is licensed to practice in all courts of the State of Ohio including the Ohio Supreme Court and also in the U.S. District Federal Court, Northern District of Ohio. She has tried cases before judges and juries in many Ohio courts and has briefed and argued appeals before Ohio appeals courts and in the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Erin represents individuals and business and is passionate about learning about and advising businesses in a variety of industries including insurance, automotive, manufacturing, construction, arts, service and agriculture. Erin is fascinated by e-commerce and the evolving and novel issues developing in our increasingly plugged-in and “social” community.

Some of Erin’s favorite accomplishments include getting compensation for her clients who have been wrongly targeted by imprudent attorneys and/or litigants. Erin has secured compensation for an industrial client who was sued for breach of contract by its natural gas provider after the provider was unable to meet the client’s needs in an amount sufficient to power the client’s expanding operationsFN. Erin obtained a judgment in excess for $25,000.00 against an attorney who filed a frivolous lawsuit against her client and repeatedly refused to dismiss the case. And Erin obtained a judgment in excess of a million dollars and collected $250,000.00 from an out of state automotive staffed-sales company that committed fraud on a customer of her client’s auto dealership during a sales promotionFN. Of course, not all cases have circumstances that warrant these types of awards. But if your case is one where a killer offense is the best defense, Erin will find it and pursue it aggressively.

Erin is also a Municipal Court Acting Judge. Erin’s judicial duties require her to keep up with criminal law and she is highly qualified to represent individuals charged with misdemeanor criminal and traffic offenses. Erin also represents both misdemeanor and felony defendants on appeal.

FN Amount of compensation subject to confidentiality agreement.
FN Judgment included a 1 million dollar punitive (punishment and deterrence) damages award.


Laurel Keller

Laurel joined Poplar & Mason, LLC as a legal assistant in October, 2013 and quickly became an indispensable member of our team. Prior to joining Poplar & Mason, LLC, Laurel worked as a court reporter for over seventeen years. Laurel has worked with hundreds of attorneys, courts and government agencies throughout the state of Ohio, in Pennsylvania and in Washington D.C.